UI & UX Design


TowardsMaturity helps L&D professionals deliver successful learning strategies, armed with insight from 7,500 learning professionals and 55,000 learners across 83 countries and counting.

The Challenge:

Enhance the Experience

Towards Maturity provides comprehensive, regularly updated research on workplace learning. However, we found out that there wasn’t really an automated system in place to generate and manage all the research and reports.

Pretty much everything was done manually using hundreds of excel sheets.

So we needed to find a solution to allow admin users and clients to easily generate benchmark reports and export data.

The Mission:

Design a robust Tool

The idea here was to create a new platform that lets all levels of professionals who are responsible for individual, team and organisational performance to get insights and practical advice, generate benchmark reports and export data in a simplified way.

Brand & Design Style:

While there was a brand guideline in place, it was lacking a lot of rules and different components needed for this particular project. A new styleguide needed to be created in order to build the new platform.

User Experience:

I worked very closely with TowardsMaturity team to ensure all the requirements are clear and that we all had the same vision.

Many examples from various competitors were collected in order to have a better understanding of the scope and the final desired output.

The wireframing stage was very important, as we would have bi-weekly meetings to go through all the features and remove some “nice to have” ones. A lot of iterations were made.


Let’s take a look at some variations I made during this project timeline.