UI & UX Design


TowardsMaturity (since acquired by Emerald Works) delivers workplace learning strategies supported by insight amassed through 7,500 learning professionals and 55,000 learners across 83 countries.

The Challenge:

Enhancing the Data Management Experience

TowardsMaturity publishes regular research on the latest trends around workplace learning. These are a great source of inspiration for many companies that rely on novel techniques for imparting knowledge to their employees.

However, when I took a first look at its system, I found that TowardsMaturity did not have an automated platform to process the latest research and reports.

Data was handled using large numbers of spreadsheets. Ouch.

I needed to develop a user-friendly solution that allowed admin and clients to generate benchmark reports and export data.

The Mission:

Designing a Robust Tool

I wanted to design an accessible tool for individuals, professionals and organisations to easily generate insights, practical advice and benchmark reports concerning their workplace learning.

Brand & Design Style:

There was a limited brand guideline at the beginning of the project. I decided that there was not enough detail in the existing documents and that we needed to develop our own style guide for this project.

User Experience:

I worked very closely with the TowardsMaturity team at every step of the way. This ensured that we shared the same vision and we were building an effective workplace learning platform.

Competitor examples were analysed in order to have a clearer understanding of the scope and desired output.

During the wireframing stage, we held bi-weekly meetings to remove unnecessary components from the new platform. We wanted a streamlined platform that was simple to understand and navigate.


Below are some variations I created during my workplace learning platform project with TowardsMaturity.