UI & UX Design


GuestFriend, Travelytix's first product helps hotels get to know customers, monetize data, and improve employee productivity. GuestFriend is a proprietary customer-facing Android app living on 7" phablets that replace antiquated in-room telephones.
The Android app is integrated with a mobile-web app for admins and employees.

The Challenge:

Design for the Innovation

GuestFriend’s mission is to revolutionize the hotel industry, by creating one cloud-based system capable of replacing the fragmented and inefficient hotel technology stack.

So we needed to find a solution to allow hotel managers and administrators to easily manage all the tasks, services and requests while providing the best user experience for the clients at the same time. 

The Mission:

Design a consistent and unified digital solution

The project consisted of two main areas:
1- Platform for managers and administrators of the hotel

A platform needed to be created in order to manage all the hotel rooms, employees of the hotel, the room service, maintenance, housekeeping and finally the back office. A lot of was spent on research and planning to ensure we come up with a simple, unified and effective admin platform.

2- End-to-end user interface for hotel clients

From a guest standpoint, we needed to build the GuestFriend app that will be used inside the hotel room on a 7” tablet specifically made for the hotel guests which allows them to report issues, order room service, book tours and activities and much more. 

User Experience:

I made sure that all the requirements were understood, and that, by creating user personas and defining different use cases for both the administrator and the hotel guest users.

I would then analyze all the competitors, research the best UX practices and trends for this particular project and gather all the results into a well structured document.

A lot of wireframes were made at this point to ensure every requirement and use case is met. I used Invision to create a clickable prototype where I would later iterate based on continuous feedback from the team and external test users.


Once the wireframes were signed off, I started working on the interface designs following GuestFriend’s brand guidelines.

Let’s take a look at some designs from the project