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UI & UX Design


From 2000, GoodPractice (since acquired by Emerald Works) has been creating educational and development resources for medium-to-large businesses worldwide. 

Through its e-learning platform combined with performance toolkits and psychometric assessments, GoodPractice has been able to consistently deliver engaging content for organisations and their employees to work through.

I connected with the e-learning courses GoodPractice had to offer and jumped into our UX optimisation project with great vigour.

The Challenge:

Enhancing the Admin Experience

I found that GoodPractice provides thousands of captivating pieces of content to its customers, but it didn’t have a natural, organised home for admin users to follow.

During the growth phase, I found out pretty quickly that GoodPractice needed an overarching system that allowed them to manage content, clients and services simultaneously.

The Mission:

Designing An Intelligent Internal Platform

For GoodPractice, I aimed to create an online platform containing micro-applications to manage the above requirements:

- I designed one micro-app to manage all GoodPractice content.
- I designed one micro-app to manage all GoodPractice clients.
- I designed one micro-app to generate reports for each client.

These micro-apps, alongside several others, were merged into one central platform to make easier the management of GoodPractice assets.

We called this new platform ‘manage-*’.

Brand & Design Style:

Before jumping into the design of the new e-learning platform, I requested any brand materials from GoodPractice so I could get a feel of their preferred styles. Aside from a limited guideline for the user-end website, there was not much else to take on. 

I had a pretty free rein to design the new platform as I saw fit.

My initial thought was to create a platform with an extension of GoodPractice’s existing colour scheme and typography, but with each micro-app having its own colour scheme for ease of differentiation. 

I made use of Google’s Material Design guidelines to expedite the process in light of a limited timeframe.

User Experience:

Given the different technical requirements for each manage-* micro-app, I researched existing e-learning platforms for inspirations when it comes to layout and components to include. 

I settled on 8 different micro-apps, all of which took on a different key component of GoodPractice. The UX came together just as we imagined, and the platform was suddenly a whole lot easier to navigate.

During the testing phase, I created some high-fidelity wireframes to help us cut unnecessary parts from the UX. 

Naturally, there were some attractive features which ultimately were cut for the sake of the platform’s fluidity.


Below is the final version of the manage-* e-learning platform, featuring selected subpages and design previews.